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Silvio de Pecher

Job: slasher... Journalist / Photographer / Contractor / Consultant / Maker
Born in Rome in 1963 is officially a Journalist since 1993

Professional experience:

1994 Antarctic Project. Cooperation, with of Sergio Pillon, in evaluating the chance to be partner in beta testing phase Win dows Nt with Microsoft software Italy.

1994 (co) founder Italia OnLine S.p.A. with Sergio Mello-Grand, Marco Ottolini and Giovanni Maruzzelli.

1995 - 2006 Gruppo Editoriale Jackson s (then VNU Business Press) - Cinisello Balsamo (Milan). Consulting and collaboration for the magazine "BIT". From July 1996 onwards: editor in chief. Editor for magazines: - “Micro & Soft”- “PC Dealer” - “PC Magazine”- “Network News”.

1997 (co)Founder with Guido Ceccarelli and Valerio Salvi “la Tana dei Goblin“; association for the dissemination of intelligent board gaming. (now 35 clubs in Italy).

1999 Streaming and real time news on Internet on behalf of the RockOnLine Italy for the Monza Rock Festival.

1999 Implementation on behalf of ITNet / Vatican / RealNetworks real time streaming on the Internet of the ceremony of the opening of the Holy Door December 24th.

2000 - 2005 Foreign correspondent for the VNU group in the United States.

2000 - 2009 Management of www.dagospia.com

2004 - 2006 Professor at the University of Camerino - 2nd level Master in e-health.

2005 - 2006 Full Management of 4 issues of the magazine “ Trucchi” on behalf of VNU.

2010 - 2014 (co)Founder with Stefano Corso, Rina Ciampolillo Luciano Usai “Associazione di Arti Fotografiche 42mm”

2014 - Development of integrated micro-controllers and microcomputer platforms on Arduino and Raspberry PI

2015 Deposit a patent regarding the method for measuring the residual value of the objects.

2015 - Start a new photography studio with a group of photographers "Camera 42"

2015 - Development of integrated system for Raspberry PI real-time streaming full HD on YouTube

2015 - Start a collaboration with Rome Central

Over 800 articles published in magazines and newspapers: BIT, PC Magazine, Network News, PC Floppy, PC Dealer, CRN, Micro&Soft, Display, Informatizzarsi, Multimedia PC, Multipurpose PC, Il Giornale, ONLine Magazine, Hacker Journal, CRN, Trucchi PC, Computeridea, Liberazione.